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You are inspiring kids to get a college education and plan for their future. You are making it easier and more affordable to attend a UC. You are giving equal access to a UC to an entire region of the state. You are creating opportunities for first generation college students. You are creating a program that will attract employers and create jobs. You are improving the economy of Northern California and creating hope. THANK YOU!!!

Give the students in Northern California equal access to a higher education, build a University of California campus in Redding.

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Equal treatment for children in
unequal situations is not justice.
Governor Jerry Brown

Redding, CA is the biggest city north of Sacramento with a population of 91,850. Redding needs and wants a University of California, and, the University of California needs a new campus. The University of California is overcrowded and they routinely turn students away. There is also a big need in the state of California for more STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) themed campuses to train workers for 21st-century careers. By building a science and tech-based campus in Redding the UC will be able to increase its admissions, build a cutting-edge program in a crucial area of need for the state and create new opportunities for students in Northern California, many of whom would be first-generation college students.

The students in Redding have some of the highest test scores and graduation rates in the state, however, most will never be able to attend the University of California due to distance and economic barriers. The California Master Educational plan states that education should be equally available to all. Equal access to education begins with making college accessible. There are no University of California campuses located north of Sacramento. The closest UC is in Davis which is about 350 miles round trip. Another obstacle that the students face is that most of the existing campuses are located in cities like Berkeley, Los Angeles, Irvine, Santa Barbara, San Diego, etc., where the cost of living is much higher than what the typical family from Northern California can afford.

 Higher education can’t be a luxury,
it’s an economic imperative that every
family in America should be able to afford.
 President Obama

Redding wants the next University of California to be placed in its city. The city and its neighbors began as logging and mining communities, however, as natural resources depleted, their sources of revenue have dwindled away. The poverty rate is 18.2% while the state average is 15.9%. The median household income in Redding is $44,236 while the state average is $61, 094. Redding has tried to bring in high-tech manufacturing and computer companies. For example, the city of Redding built Stillwater Business Park in 2007, a 700 acre business park for offices and industrial companies, but it has not attracted any companies due to the fact that there is a severe shortage of residents holding an advanced degree, especially in STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and math). Only 18% of the adults over 25 in Shasta County hold a BA degree or higher, the state average is 30%. Of those people in Shasta County who has a higher education degree, many are held by people who moved from other areas of the state for management positions or by those who come to the area to retire. The situation is even worse in some of the surrounding counties, for example, only 13% of the population over age 25 have an advanced degree in Lassen County.

As a nation, we have to
make college more accessible.
Arne Duncan – Secretary of the Department of Education

Students would want to attend a university located in Redding. Besides the lower cost of living and beautiful scenery, there are plenty of things to do in Redding. Recreational sports nearby include boating, fishing, wakeboarding and skiing. Inside the city are malls, theaters, museums, the Sundial bridge, miles of walking and biking trails along the Sacramento river and more. As for accessibility, I-5 runs right through Redding from north to south and highway 299 and 44 run through town from east to west. Redding also has its own airport, Amtrak station, Greyhound bus station, and a public transportation bus system, in addition to its excellent bikes and trail system for eco-friendly commuting.

A University of California STEM campus would also be great for the state of California. Billions of dollars are lost each year due to the exodus of tech and manufacturing companies relocating out of the state. The high costs of real estate and the lack of space in the Bay area and the LA basin are a major reason why they leave. Redding, Ca and the surrounding communities have lots of inexpensive land and plenty of room for growth. Many of these companies stated that if the population of Redding had more advanced degree holders in science, technology, math and engineering abilities to operate sophisticated machinery and software they would have relocated to the northern section of the state.                         

There should be equal access
for Californians to higher education.

 California Master Plan for Higher Education

Education opens doors, give Northern California students an equal access to a University of California. The citizens of Redding have built a beautiful community to house a public university and there is a great need for an educated workforce in the science and tech areas in the state. A STEM themed campus would help heal the struggling local economy and strengthen California as a whole. Building the University of California in Redding is the right thing to do at the right time, for the right reasons.

“We must look at the Master Plan today…
with the education of the next generation in mind.”

Janet Napolitano – University of California President



Is Redding, CA too small for a campus?
Redding, CA is the largest city in California north of Sacramento. Further, out of the 489 cities and towns in California, Redding is bigger than 403 of them. The population of Redding, CA is 91,119 (2013). The population of Davis, CA where there is a University of California (UC Davis) is 66,205 (2013), the population of Merced, CA (UC Merced) is 88,102 (2013). The population of Ashland, Oregon to our north is 20,73 (2013), and, they have a university. In fact, throughout the United States you’ll find many Universities located in much smaller cities,

Does Redding offer adequate transportation for students?Redding Ca map
Redding, CA sits along I-5 which is a major artery and extends from north to south across the entire west coast of the U.S. Redding has an airport. Amtrak goes through the center of Redding and so does Greyhound. The Redding area has an excellent public bus system. There are several taxi companies in Redding and Uber has stated that they are thinking about expanding into the Redding area.

Is there a community college in Redding, CA where students can take prerequisites if needed?
Yes, Shasta College is located in Redding and offers many undergraduate degrees and certificates.

Is there another University of California located near Redding?

Unfortunately not. The closest University of California is located south of Sacramento about 200 miles away. Most residents cannot afford, or, do not have enough time to travel 400 miles round trip to get to school each day.

Why does Redding need a Science and Tech Campus?
While any campus would help, science and tech jobs are the waves of the future. The main reason why Redding, CA has been unable to attract tech and manufacturing jobs is that we do not have enough skilled people to operate and run the equipment necessary to fill positions. Thus, most companies reside in the Silicon Valley or in the LA basin region. They see Redding as a beautiful and the people as intelligent, they also recognize that the cost of living is low for California, however, they often will expand out of state to areas near a major university like Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas. This trend not only hurts our local economy but, the economy of the state. Building a tech campus in superior California makes sense economically.

What will you do with the petition?
Once we have enough signers we will draft a letter and schedule meetings to personally present the petition to various people. We are seeking out people to present the petition who are established in the community and able to articulate the message loud and clear. They can choose Janet Napolitano (president of the UC), Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Jim Nielsen, Assemblyman Brian Dahle, the board of Regents of the UC and more. A photographer and a person to write press releases will be at each meeting. 

Besides the petition do you have any events planned?
Yes, we are working on letter writing campaigns, workshops, a day at the state capital and more. The petition is the basis for the campaign. It is important that you not only sign it, but, have your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and more sign it, and, leave a comment.

Check out our Myths and Facts page to get more answers to your questions.


Expanding opportunity for more students to enroll in college is vital to building a strong economy
with a thriving middle class and critical to ensuring a strong democracy.

United States Department of Education